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It's nice to be Kneaded..

It is nice to be kneaded, not just at home or work but also on a massage table. Life has so many rules and responsibilities so taking time for just you is crucial to your mind, body and spirit. Finding the right person can also be a challenge, it is important to know what you "knead" from the treatment first. Don't be afraid to ask questions, be clear on expectations and likes/dislikes.

Massage therapy is a long-lasting, holistic treatment that has been used for centuries. Massage therapy consists of various techniques all unique in their own ways designed with different approaches, but all with the same goal in mind, promoting relaxation, stress relief and reducing pain. Other benefits of massage not seen on the surface include: • Improving your immune system • Promoting a parasympathetic response • Regaining energy • Accelerating muscle recovery time • Calming anxiety Tailored sessions with you in mind make massage therapy a one-of-a-kind experience. Crafting therapeutic techniques catering to your needs with hopes of leaving you refreshed and energized. Incorporating massage therapy into your routine is a great way to begin your journey to a happier, healthier life. Not only is massage recognized as a form of pain management treatment but is also seen as a form of self-care one might overlook. As I like to describe to someone who’s interested in massage therapy who may not know much about it, I like to encourage them to “listen to their body.” Show them the tools to give themselves a day to “get back to zero.” However, one begins their way into the realm of massage will see the benefits almost immediately. The serotonin release from massage therapy can begin the ‘snowball effect’ you have been looking for to take better care of yourself in your day to day. Stretch therapy is another tactic used within massage therapy to go that extra mile for your sore muscles. By using assisted facilitated stretches in your session makes for the already life-changing massage strokes become that much more effective and unique. Stretch therapy benefits include: • Improved range of motion and flexibility • Joint pain relief • Improved posture • Enhance performance in physical activities Something as simple as a guided stretch can make all the difference you never thought you needed physically. These two therapies combined create a powerhouse of wellness-enhancing techniques perfect for anyone experiencing any form of pain or discomfort. With massage therapy forever evolving, this history-rich treatment still comes back to its roots. With adaptations being created constantly and different ways to supplement massage therapy its reputation proceeds itself every time. Massage therapy has broken ground in the medical field creating an unparalleled staple of basic healthcare. One obtainable by all. “Nurturing yourself is not selfish – it’s essential to your survival and your well-being.” -Renée Peterson Trudeau

For more information or to schedule a massage or stretching session contact

Dominick Crescenzo 1-315-982-8490

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