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5 Reasons to not get SMP- Scalp Micropigmentation

Once you have decided to do something

about your hair loss you then need to find

your practitioner. An SMP artist will

understand many aspects of what you are

dealing with. The problem recently is that

many artists are popping up and offering

SMP, scalp Micro-pigmentation. So how do

you choose? Research and questions…

have a list of questions, ask them and if you

are not happy with your results then move on!

So, what are three reasons to NOT get your

scalp Micro-pigmentation, SMP?

1. The first reason is, your technician does not

have the proper supplies.. what does this

mean? SMP is cosmetic tattoo, this is NOT

traditional tattoo so if your guy or gal is also your

body artist they may think they can use any

ordinary ink.. ❌ STOP! This is absolutely a

not traditional ink can blue out over time,

cosmetic makeup is designed to fade away

over time and stay true to color. With proper

aftercare, protection from sun and no harsh

chemicals you should expect follow ups 2-3

years after your sessions are complete.

Wrong needles… “Needles Used in SMP

2. Needles vary in size and type, depending on the type of machine

used. So, when your goal is to get the best results from the

procedure, you want to select a reliable SMP provider who uses a

machine designed for scalp micro-pigmentation. The scalp artist

uses a 3-point micro-needle with a smooth point, which is 75%

smaller than normal needle, to inject a natural, hypoallergenic ink

into the scalp while creating thousands of microdots. The porous

body of the needle allows the scalp artist to control the pigment


The best SMP needle size is one that allows the artist to create a

natural shaved look. This is the reason many scalp artists prefer

three-point needles, which are believed to be lighter and deposit

accurate amounts of ink.”

3. You are not willing to shave your head. I get it, keeping the hair

is the goal, and for some this can be okay. The issue is that once

these dots are in the scalp they will never be a dense as your

hairline and therefore not match. You can add depth with filling

the scalp with microdots however this will only with when there is

suitable hair to cover. If you have bald spots, receding hairlines

you must be willing to shave your head to give the look of a

5 o'clock shadow. If your artist doesn’t make this clear prior to your

sessions then this may not be the artist for you.

4. Expectations, managing expectations is hard, as an artist

myself I feel the stress of my clients, although I don’t struggle with

thinning hair or have I ever worn a “high and tight” clipper cut I do

have sons, a husband, father and friends who have delt with this

issue and I know they hate it! As a woman you need to trust that I

do understand and that I want the best outcome for you. We will

map and plan the hairline together, keeping your age, skin color,

hair color, and goals in mind. It’s important to stay in a reasonable

plan so that you can adjust if desired. The microdots are very

small, this means you could require multiple sessions to gain the

density you are longing for. Although you will see results after

your first session it’s necessary to remember you may need 2 or

even 3 to get you to where you want to be. It’s a marathon not a

race. Be patient with the process.

5. The last reason to not get SMP, budget, listen all good things

come with a price, this service is lengthy, it requires the very best

tools and supplies. It also took many hours of training and

practice, sadly that will show in the pricing. If you are lucky you

will find an artist who understands and is willing to occasionally

offer a sale or package. However typically you won’t find that in a

reputable salon/studio. At Toolbox Studio Cincinnati I do offer

financing for your treatment it will divide your total by 4 payments

over 6 weeks, there is a service fee for this option or you can

save 5% by paying in full by cash or Venmo. I can also break

down your sessions by splitting them up so you pay for each one

as you come. All credit transactions have a service fee if 3.5%

plus, sales tax.

So, what should you expect to pay, this will vary in where you live,

each region will command different costs, for my studio you can

plan on 3 sessions coming in between $1200-$2400. Some

clients will opt to pay for 2 and add a third if needed, however if

you prepay for 3 you will save 5% off the total cost. Sorry I

cannot discount when you opt for the financing.

Pricing structure is based on the level of balding, see the

Norwood scale link below for a gauge of your hair loss.

Average Session Cost

Session 1- $400-$800

Session 2- $400-$800

Session 3- $400-$800

SMP is an investment, this is true but the confidence and self

esteem you gain is so valuable that it’s worth the cost. If you feel

you are a good candidate for SMP contact me today to schedule

a free consultation.



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