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Permanent Eyebrows

Cosmetic Makeup

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup
& Areola Tattoo

Permanent makeup has substantially grown in popularity over the last decade. With improved products, knowledge and education, PMU artists are better than ever! Using modern techniques, equipment and the highest quality pigments, PMU will last an average of 1-3 years. 

When considering permanent makeup, ask lots of questions! Permanent makeup may live in your skin (to some extent) forever. Make informed decisions by educating yourself on the process and choosing an artist based on their portfolio and referrals.

Check out our Blog, FAQ and Medical Forms Page for more information. 

As always, a complimentary consultation is recommended.


Microblading is a manual technique that artistically designs and creates the look of hair strokes on the skin. Microblading produces a subtle and natural finish, resulting in defined and emphasized eyebrows.


Combo Brows 

A combination of powder brow and hair strokes, this look will give you a well-balanced, finished eyebrow with dimension and depth.


Nano Machine Strokes

Nano stroke method uses the smallest needle available. It is the least damaging PMU method, and is good for all skin types. Tiny strokes are etched into the outermost layer of skin to recreate individual hairs. Combine with a light powder effect to achieve a more filling look.


Lip Blush

Lip Blush gives a hint of color and more defined shape to your lips. While staying on the lip skin, we can create an even lip line, while softly and beautifully filling in lip tissue. Schedule a consultation prior to booking. 


Powder Brow

Powder brows give you the appearance of a soft makeup powder finish. This technique can be achieved with a rotary tool or soft tap. Both are gentle and non-traumatic, therefore appropriate for all skin types.  $500

Lash Enhancement 

Lash liner and eye liner create a natural kohl or pencil look to highlight your eyes. We currently offer minimal pigment, and do not perform heavy wings. Schedule a consultation prior to booking.

$350 Top

 $125 Bottom


Areola and Nipple Tattoo

3 D Areola and Nipple Tattoo...

Areola or nipple tattoo is also called areola or nipple micropigmentation, for both men and women it’s the final step of breast reconstruction or mastectomy, breast reduction or gender retransformation. 

3D nipple tattoos after mastectomy, weight loss or other surgeries give the reconstructed nipple back the color of a natural nipple and can give the illusion of an areola – the circular stretch of pink skin around the nipple. By using ink for tattoo and natural drawing we can find the best shape and color for your skin tone and texture. 

If you’ve had a nipple reconstruction surgery, or a dermal nipple implant and already have the 3D nipple, we will just add color to it to match your desired look, and it’ll look just like a natural nipple.

This procedure can also be done on flat skin, no nipple by creating the look of depth with a mix of colors and shading. 

No to patients are the same, coming if for a consultation can ease your mind and allow us to identify exactly what your specific needs are.  Each treatment is performed in private, planning and prep will be as follows:

1. Consultation, this is needed prior to booking...15-20 minutes to meet and see what needs to be performed. 

2. Schedule our treatment

3. Read and fill out your client forms and medical history, make sure you are cleared by your physician prior to booking. 

4. Discontinue ibuprofen prior to your visit.  If you take blood thinners, check with our primary doctor first. 

5. Do not use a tanning bed 2 weeks prior to your visit and remember that the color of the pigment will be matched to your skin tone, it best to have that be your natural color. 

6. No alcohol on the day of your visit. 

7. Bring any photos of your areola or nipple for your visit, if you have them. 

8. Prepare for your after care, this will be 1 full week of no heavy sweating and wearing a bandage each day. No swimming, sauna or hot tubs for 10 days. 

Pink Flower Bloom

Single Areola 

Place holder... more information coming soon. 

Pink Roses _edited.jpg

Double Areola 

Place holder... more information coming soon. 

Paint Brushes

Follow Up

Place holder... more information coming soon. 


To be prepared we must first practice... In any new skill the only way to be ready is with practice, doctors do it, artists do it, knowledge.  any trade or skill does it, we must practice gaining confidence, speed, precision and muscle memory. In the month of November, I am looking for 4 models, this can be for a single areola or a double for either a man or a woman. Models must be willing to do the following:

Have before and after photos taken.

Have video of the procedure

Consent to the use of the photos for social media and website



Color Correction

Has your PMU turned BLUE, GREENGRAY, RED or PINK?

You may be a good candidate for color correction or removal. Schedule a complimentary consultation today!

PMU services include 1 follow-up session, 6-8 weeks after initial service to perfect your look.


6-month touch up


Annual touch up



*Touch ups performed after 8 weeks may be subject to additional fees.

*Work performed by outside artists may not be considered a touch up. Please schedule a consultation prior to booking.

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