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Training with Toolbox Studio

Learning can be fun and exciting; it can provide you with tools to build a better career and makeup more money! 

When choosing a trainer be sure to ask all the questions you can think of.. a good educator will hold nothing back. 

Welcome to my training page, if there are classes your are interested in please email me and I will put a custom class together for you! 

Financing Available For All Classes!

Applying false lashes in a salon

Lash Training

Lashes are one of the largest earning trades in the salon and spa industry. Approximately 75% of lash artists earn over $50,000 per year working full time! The average full set of lashes ranges from $125-$300 and even more depending on your location. Lash appointments are usually scheduled every two weeks. Your clients will keep coming back and fill your calendar quickly. 


Who can lash? The average lash artist is a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician. It is important to understand local requirements to know where you can perform this trade. If you are ready for a new career or to switch up your salon offerings, check out the additional information below!

Lash Class Investment and Curriculum 

Lash Training- This is an introduction to lash extensions, you will learn many helpful tips and tricks to successfully applying eyelash extensions, it is important to remember that your training and practice will be essential to your success. 

Practice makes you better, faster and more confident, you will be slow in the beginning so don't get discouraged. 

Now that you are ready to learn here is how we get started....

  • Email Studio with request and send a timeline that you would like to start.

  • Include any current licensing information or details about you that you feel are important.

  • I will send you a follow up email with dates available and an invoice for your kit and class registration (these are nonrefundable) 

  • Once your fees are received, I will send you an eBook and prep for class that must be completed prior to attending your hands on section, don't worry it's an easy read and prep!

What you learn...

Application for classic and easy fan volume lashes, Enhancing Eyes Hygiene + Sanitation Eye Health Understanding Lash Cycles Mink vs. Synthetic Eye + Station Preparation Adhesive + Aftercare Consultations + Clients Eyelash Removal

Student Kit...

Flat tabletop mannequin, precision tweezers, eyelash fan dryer, 1 box classic lashes, 1 box easy fan, 2 packs strip lashes, 1 glue, 1 glue remover, 1 lash cleaner, 1 tile, eye pads, glue rings, cleaning brushes/micro swabs, small scissors, jade stone, paper tape, free surprise gift! e book certificate of completion tote bag client aftercare cards.

(** items are subject to change based on supplies)

Schedule a class...

Each class includes eBook and 5 hours hands-on learning and kit. Individual Studio Session $650 plus kit/registration cost $300 

*Financing Available- 4 payments over 6 weeks

**Online Class Coming Soon.

It is recommended to have hands-on with a training professional, however some students can successfully learn to lash with online training. 

~Deposit for kit and registration fee due 10 business days prior to in person classroom time. Balance paid on class date. 

~ Need to reschedule your classroom day, please notify us 1 week (7 days in advance, any payments made will be forwarded to a new class date. Moving dates may result in longer waiting times to be trained. 

~ Last minute changes will be evaluated based on the situation.

~ No Shows or Non-payments- loss of all fees paid no refunds or reschedules.

~All Kit registration fees are nonrefundable and will be given to you on your classroom day, you will not need them prior to this date. 

~eBook- Please read your eBook prior to attending class, become familiar with terminology, and all details within this book as you will need to know it when coming to class.

~Classroom Day- first 2 hours will be practice on mannequin and recap of all supplies and Q&A, 3 hours will be for model practice, you may be asked to provide a model, if you cannot get one, we can provide one for you.


Models will receive a free set of lashes; however, these sets may only be partial as we cannot determine the speed of application while training. Models should arrive with:

  • No eye makeup

  • No contacts

  • Be able to lay down for up to 3 hours

  • Have no prior issues with eyelash extensions, allergic to adhesive, tape, or anything else related to lashes

  • Be willing to have photos used for marketing and Social media

  • Be willing to see you for a follow up session in 1-2 weeks

  • Be willing to follow all home aftercare and follow up with you for future appointments

  • Be willing to sign a waiver on day of appointment

Classroom days will vary based on studio schedule, contact Heather Cooper for classroom requests. 

Cosmetic Makeup

Makeup for beginners

Have been doing your own makeup for decades but are realizing your techniques no longer give the look you want? 

Do you notice current trends in makeup you would love to try, but have no idea how to accomplish the final look on yourself?


If this sounds like you - look no further! I have over 26 years of professional makeup experience and I've personally struggled with makeup over 40. Let's get together and play with some new skills and techniques!

Bring your makeup bag so I can see what you are working with, and I will give you a list of suggestions for the look you want to achieve.

Makeup Brushes


Continue your training... Becoming a permanent makeup artist is stressful and can be overwhelming, consider an apprenticeship to further your knowledge and training. 

Training Program

6 weekly lessons from home turned in each Sunday

2 live model demonstrations at my studio

You will test out of your program by performing 2 models during your last week of training


Contact Heather Cooper for availability and details. 

be a model

Are you willing to be a model? Sometimes we need volunteers for in person classes. These are often FREE or REDUCED prices for sessions. 

If you feel you may like to get a call to be a model, then send us an email!

Name, contact number and best day of the week for you,

A few requirements for models:

  • willing to have photos taken and used for marketing.

  • able to sit for long periods of time 2-3 hours max.

  • available most days and times of the week

  • open to services and procedures based on what needs to be performed.

  • able to come for a follow up in needed.

"I was certified under Heather Cooper for Powder Brow training. I cannot say enough good things about Heather. First, she is very reasonable on her pricing for training for this specific service. She is very patient and makes herself available for anything you may need. She is very thorough in explaining and makes you feel very comfortable. You honestly count not ask for better training for this service between affordability and the one-on-one attention you receive. Heather is very professional, and I could not be happier with my training."

Sara Rice, Cincinnati

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