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Massage & Stretch Therapy


"Find rest and rejuvenation through massage and stretch therapy."

Massage and Stretch Services 

 60 Minute Massage


 60 minute massage - Enjoy a whole body or area-focused therapeutic session designated to parts of your body you hold the most tension. Putting your “problem areas” in the foreground while still receiving the tune-up your body needs.

2 Hour Massage


 2 hour massage - The full monty. This session is as slowed down and modified with an unparalleled skillset to achieve the deepest forms of rest and relaxation as it gets. Stretch and decompression combined with precise techniques to allow your muscles to lengthen leaving you feeling better than before.

30 Minute Foot/Leg Rub


 30 minute foot rub - The best foot massage you’ll ever receive. Tired feet after a long day? Do you stand a lot at work? Enjoy this brief, yet pampering foot massage to keep your dogs from barking!

90 Minute Massage


90 minute massage - The fan favorite of massage therapy. This hyper-focused session consists of a combination of stretch therapy along with guided petrissage techniques that allows your body to enjoy a deeper form of relaxation.

20 Minute Stretch


20 minute stretch - Enjoy a quick jumpstart with this stretch therapy session full of assisted facilitated stretches. Perfect for getting the blood moving before or after an event, or even just getting that goos stretch you can’t quite get on your own.

  • *The 20 minute stretch therapy session requires clients to be fully clothed. Loose fitting clothes, such as work out clothes, are strongly recommended for proper effectiveness of the treatment.*


$15 on to any massage

Cupping - This history-rich, long practiced healing treatment is available for any length session! Using carefully placed silicone cups to help improve blood flow, increase mobility and soothe muscle soreness, this additional treatment might be the ticket to finding that deeper form of relaxation you’ve been looking for. Feel free to let me know if you’d like it incorporated in your session!


My name is Dominick Crescenzo. I have been practicing massage therapy since 2019. Holding two active state licenses along with other reputable certifications. I graduated from the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Syracuse, New York. Specializing in sports therapy my skillset is geared towards anyone wanting a performance-enhancing massage. I have worked alongside several sports teams while in New York allowing for my skills and techniques to be fine-tuned to deliver an effective massage built around my client’s goals. I like to describe my massage routine as a “maintenance massage.” Aiding someone to help keep them going in their daily life is what I aspire to do. Promoting health and wellness through each sore muscle at a time. By combining massage therapy with stretch therapy my routine is far from “traditional.” Giving my clients a different, yet beneficial approach to pain management treatment is how I enter each session. Tailoring each massage making each session more unique than the last. I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your pain-free goals!


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      I've had many massage treatments in the past but this one surpasses all of them. I struggle with foot and neck pain and after describing my issues Dominick was able to address each of them with explanation and then manipulations and stretching to alleviate my pain.  He is professional, kind and welcoming and made me feel very comfortable from beginning to end. ~Heather C.

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