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Hair Like Microdots

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I have never met anyone who wished for balding, both men and women suffer from it. Causes can be inherited, accident or injury, illness and many other reasons. 
Living with it doesn't need to be your only option.  With Micro Dot Scalp Pigmentation, similar to Permanent makeup we can create the look of hair to fill spots, parts, hairline's or even the whole head. This will create a 5'Oclock shadow and give the appearance of fuller hair. 

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A consultation is needed to evaluate your needs. This 15-minute session is complimentary and required prior to scheduling your appointment.   A few factors will be evaluated:

  • Area on scalp, size and severity of thinning​

  • Norwood Scale comparison - see chart below

  • Number of sessions required

  • Cost of each session and estimated total cost 

  • Determine if skin is suitable for the treatments

  • Aftercare review and preparation instructions 



For men you will want to prepare your scalp with a haircut 12-24 hours before the service, keeping your hair short to the scalp may need needed for some finished looks, this will be discussed in your consultation. Hair should be clean and free of products at your arrival. The sessions can last up to 3 hours each however for full heads we may go 4 hours and break in the middle. 
Sessions can be performed 10 -14 days apart and should be done withing this time for optimal results.  You can expect some mild discomfort, however the pain is minimal. Aftercare, keep your scalp hydrated with supplied ointment, protect it from the sun, no heavy sweating, rubbing or harsh products. 
Women will have similar rules for pre and post, however the service may require hair stokes instead of microdots.

Before your SMP

Preparing for your SMP goes beyond moisturizer and a consultation. You must also prepare yourself for the final look.  The best outcomes will be when you are ready to cut your hair to the scalp, this needs to be the shortest cut before smooth and bald, a 5'Oclock Shadow.

SMP will be tiny microdots and in order for them to truly give you the shaved head look you must be ready to cut your hair.  

  • Moisturize your scalp. 

  • Cut hair prior to visits -12-24 hours, we do not cut the hair.

  • Avoid anything that can thin the blood.

  • Prepare yourself for what look you want; we will help you find the best most natural look however it is advised to research photos of completed hairlines to decide what type you prefer.

  • Keeping with your age and hairline will allow for the most natural look.


How to care for your new SMP,  

One of the benefits of SMP is that it’s a non-invasive treatment. However, because your skin’s barrier is broken during the process, you still need to stick to an aftercare regimen.  This ensures the longevity of your pigment. And, once you’ve established a post-treatment routine, your scalp care routine will feel like second nature. 

Your main focus for the first few days will be protecting your scalp from irritants, like sweat, sunlight, abrasions, shampoo, and water.

After about 7-10 days you can resume most of your regular activities. 

 One month after your last session you can go back in the pool or sauna, though, if you’re at the beach or outdoors, you should take precautions against sunlight. 

  • Days 1-4 don't wash the scalp, avoid the sun, no intense workouts or swimming, moisturize with a fragrance-free product or Aquaphor

  • Days 4-14 Shower and wash scalp with a gentle cleanser or shampoo,

  • After 1-14 days you can return for your follow up

  • No two scalps are the same, each person can get a different result, this is why you may need multiple sessions to ensure the best outcome. 

  • Things to consider- SMP like all permanent and semi-permanent procedures cannot be guaranteed. The skin can vary based on color, dryness/oiliness and lifestyle. Please remember that results may vary, and no two procedures are the same.

  • *** Some results can end in blurry dots, migration of color, fading and possible uneven balance of color.   



Levels of balding

Cost per session $400-$800 based on area to be covered. May take 2-3 sessions to complete. 

(Minimum 2 sessions) 


Pay your full balance over 6 weeks! 

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